Friday, March 20, 2009

Krakovec Castle

Krakovec Castle (hrad Krakovec in Czech) was built between 1381 and 1383 for Jira of Roztoky (Jíra z Roztok). In its times it was a unique piece of late Gothic architecture, because its defence features were suppressed in favour of luxurious housing functions. Renaissance gables were added in the 16th century. Krakovec Castle was completely damaged by the fire in 1783 and now only its ruins remain.

How to get there

Krakovec is a small village about 70 Km from Prague and 50 Km from Plzen (Pilsen). The closest town is Rakovník that can be reached from Prague by bus (1 hour ride). Another bus route connects Rakovník and Krakovec (30 minutes). It may be a good idea to visit Krakovec and Krivoklat Castle within one day.


rupiawan said...

I heard stories from my grandfather about Krakovec, my grandfather an artist. krakovec have a high art value, that conclusion after I heard the story about krakovec

Edujoser said...

Perhaps, If you are a Google Earth user, you could help me with this work about Czech Castles.

Download the kmz file attached at the bottom, you may find it interesting.


Art History X said...

Looking forward to your article on it if you write one. I have a couple of photos of it if you need them :)

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Marek Prokop said...

James, you can. Thanks.