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Pirkštejn (Pirkenstein) castle was established in the 1st half of the 14th century by Jindrich from Lipa. It was damaged during peasant revolt in 1627 and later was rebuilt as a clergyman's house and a bell tower by Count Kinski.


The photo above shows the castle's tower and its western wall. The photo below shows the castle from south-east. Both photos were taken in March 2008.

How to get there

The Pirkstejn Castle is located in a small town of Rataje nad Sázavou in Central Bohemia, about 40 Km south-east of Prague. You can get there by train from Prague (across Čerčany) or from Světlá nad Sázavou. The train ride along the Sázava river is quite long (2 hours) but beautiful.

Being in Pirkštejn, you should visit Český Šternberk as well -- it's located about 7 Km from Rataje on the same railroad.

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